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Audio Enhancement

Up your production for a lower investment

So you're producing some of your own content, on a smartphone perhaps?

Why does it sound like you're in a submarine, like grandpa’s old handcam and there’s loads of echo.


Sometimes you need a little help. Your smartphone is amazing, it can produce some incredible results that wouldn’t have been conceivable 15 years ago.

The humble phone despite its remarkable capabilities, still has limitations. That vlog you’ve just created, a review, a tips & tricks video or podcast sometimes needs a little help to shine as brightly as it can.

We use industry standard, professional audio software to remove some of the less desirable parts of your audio; room echo, sibilance (those troublesome ‘Ess’ sounds), background noise, crackles, pops, plosives (air from the P’s and B’s distorting the microphone) and so many more.


Some elements can be removed, others significantly reduced, but both mean your audio will sound so much more professional, raising your production value for a lower investment.

Even with the best technology, you cannot make these recordings sound like a Hollywood professional recorded movie, but the difference can be huge.


Get in contact and have a chat about how we can improve your recordings.

Professional industry standard software

Use technology you already own

Lower investment required for better results

Freeing up time you can use elsewhere

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